This 10mm titanium duck wedding ring was totally designed based on the images sent to me by the client

Hand engraved wedding band with flying ducks
Custom engraved wedding ring with ducks
mallard duck
dog with duck
locked up duck

Beveled edge 10mm titanium turkey deer ring based on images sent by the client.

turkey ring
deer ring

The client sent me an image of the pair of wood ducks and asked if I could put them into cypress trees? It was the basis for the design on this 10mm titanium ring.

wood ducks

This 10mm titanium ring was based on artwork the client drew and sent me. Of the a deer the 2 crosses and the jumping bass

This 10mm titanium wood duck ring was designed by the client and was based on images he sent me

Buck a duck and a red fish wedding ring based on the images sent by the client

He had no idea when he posed for this photo that it was going on his wedding ring. Along with a turkey and a deer

hunting ring
strutting turkey
deer ring

Titanium Deer ring with the buck and doe in a winter setting

deer ring

 The client provided images of their dog and and some duck images. I used them for the  design on this dog and duck ring

dog ring
locked up ducks

Client's freshly harvested deer hand engraved on his ring with a sweetheart tree

sweetheart tree

Here is an example of the clients images coming to life on their ring. Taking his deer out of the back of the truck adding legs and putting him in the forest by the cornfield with a Farmall tractor

locked up mallard
tractor ring

Wildlife Wedding Bands