Duck Band Rings: Personalized Men’s Wedding Bands

For duck hunters, a banded duck is the ultimate prize. When you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, many consider that to be another type of ultimate prize too. So, why not celebrate your victory in love with something that symbolizes your victory as a duck hunter too? That is the inspiration behind what we do here at Duck Band Wedding Ring!

Custom-Engraved Duck Bands

Our personalized duck band wedding rings are embellished exactly how you want them and designed to stand up to everyday wear. The rings we use are manufactured to be the best quality in the industry. You’ll have a choice of any contemporary or precious metals, including titanium, black zirconium, platinum, gold, stainless steel, and more. Hand engraving on a titanium or black zirconium ring is an art; you will not find many jewelers who offer or are able to do this at the same quality as Dave Kessner, a world-renown master jeweler (he earned the nickname “Engraver Dave” for a reason!).

We offer duck band wedding rings that can be personalized with one, two, or three lines of text, as well as features like a seam or beveled edging. Choose any combination of letters, numbers, and dashes. You can even use a unique symbol in place of typical dashes, such as a duck call, duck tracks, or deer antlers. For something especially extraordinary, pair your text with an artwork engraving based on a favorite image.

There’s something truly special about wearing a wedding ring engraved with your partner’s name, the date you met, a meaningful location, or a significant piece of artwork.

It is your imagination that creates your custom wedding band; we simply bring it to life for you.

Quality control is something we assure throughout the entire ring design and engraving process. After you tell us what you want, we will draw it up and have you approve it. Once approved, Dave will cut the drawing into metal by hand, using chisels called engravers. After ensuring again that it’s exactly what you want, we will ship it directly to you. We can ship rings anywhere in the country, or they can be picked up at our shop in Taylorsville, Utah.

Invest in a wedding ring customized to your story and style that will last a lifetime. Call Duck Band Wedding Ring at 801-875-3268 today to get started with an estimate for your dream ring!