Custom Titanium Wedding Bands with Artwork

Your marriage is a one-of-a-kind union. Shouldn’t your wedding ring be unique as well?

At Duck Band Wedding Ring, we create custom hand-engraved rings embossed with meaningful names, dates, and artwork. Made with quality that will last a lifetime, you’ll be able to cherish your custom wedding band for decades to come.

Hand-Engraved Duck Band Wedding Rings for Hunters

Every man has a unique style all his own. When you’re shopping for wedding rings, it can be difficult to find something you can picture yourself wearing day after day. With a personalized wedding band, you can wear something that celebrates your marriage and reflects your style at the same time; something you’ll be proud to show off.

Duck Band Wedding Ring is led by world-renowned jewelry designer and master jeweler Dave Kessner. Using meticulous hand-engraving methods, Dave can create a duck band wedding ring that features any artwork you desire, based on images you send for reference. Whether you want an image of two nuzzling ducks, an elk in the woods, your biggest trophy fish, your dog, or anything else, we will bring it to life exactly as you’ve imagined it. You can choose to have your duck ring engraved only with artwork or combine it with the one to three lines of text as in a traditional duck band.

Personalized rings can also be made with your choice of any contemporary or precious metal, including titanium, black zirconium, stainless steel, gold, or platinum.

Not Just for Hunters: Have a “not duck band” customized with the artwork that speaks to you.

Duck band rings are not just fit for hunters. Anyone who likes this classic style can get a ring or wedding band customized with their favorite image. Simply choose the picture you want to serve as the reference point, and we will take care of the rest. You’ll be involved every step of the way, approving the artwork before it’s engraved to ensure you love it. We are happy to ship our rings anywhere in the country and beyond.

Don’t settle for an unremarkable wedding ring. Get something special with a customized titanium wedding band from Duck Band Wedding Ring. Contact us today to get started on your one-of-a-kind jewelry piece!