Custom Engraved Duck Band Wedding Rings

Taking your ideas and images and working together with you. To create a ring like no other, that can be worn for a lifetime with pride.

All bands are made with the hand engraving technique shown in the video above. Text or the artwork you send me, it is all determined by you.
I service clients from all over the country like West Monroe LA and Winachi WA. Helping people from Main to California create the custom band they will love and be able to wear for a lifetime

Custom engraved duck band wedding ring
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Mallard ducks
Wedding ring with whitetail deer engraving
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ladies ring

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With all the choices out there for wedding bands wouldn't it be nice to know that you can have a high quality custom ring made the way you want it?

Made for everyday wear that will last a life time.
Shouldn't your ring be made the way you want it to be?
I'm Dave Kessner and for 30 years I've designed jewelry and hand engraved behind the scenes, for Jewelry stores like O.C. Tanner, Tiffany and other Jewelry stores around the Country. They set the bar high as far a quality standards were concerned and you get to reap the benefits of my skill an experience.

We design these together with the ideas and images you want on your ring. The images on this site will give you and idea of the quality you can expect no matter what kind of design you come up with.  

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1 Labrador on duck band 1.jpg
1 Antelope skull and ducks on a duck ban
1Hunting ring 1.jpg

All rings on this site were designed by the person who wears it or the person who put it on their finger. How do you see your ideal ring? All it takes is an idea and images and together we create your ring the way you want it!

1duck band ring with locked up wood duck
1boy and his dog ring 1.jpg
1boy and his dog ring 3.jpg
1a tattoo ring 1 b.jpg
1 largemouth bass diamond ring 2.jpg

For ordering

1)Have your finger sized for a wide comfort fit band.

2) Choose a design, create one, send me your images. Every band that leaves here is custom start to finish we make it together.

3) Give me a call 801-875-3268 all orders are taken over the phone due to their custom nature.

Be sure to order early I make each one by hand and can only make so many per Month. Call and reserve your spot.  Prices can be found on the link above.  Or send and email to