2 line titanium duck ring with committed pair of mallards and cattails. With a crossed shotgun and fishing pole with family initials

Deer in the forest, Duck and Bass in a cattail lake setting on a 14mm 2 line titanium duck band

2 line titanium duck band with duck call dash and pair of nuzzling mallard heads

Beveled edge 2 line titanium ring with clients 2 bird dogs a locked up duck and an airboat in the proper setting.

This 2 line 10mm titanium elk ring was designed around an image of the elk that hangs out in the clients front yard

2 line duck band with a catfish on the back

This 10mm titanium bass ring was a total surprise. She took pictures of his bass and antler and sent them to me and I added them to the design of this 2 line duck band with the antler being the dash in the date

Here is an example of what happens when a duck band and a deer ring with cypress trees are combined.

Client's dog image becomes Labrador duck band wedding ring

10mm titanium diver ring with a hogfish on a 2 line duck band

Mallard ducks in cypress trees on a single line duck band

Locked up pair of mallards in cypress trees on a 3 line titanium duck band

Beveled edge 2 line duck band with double mallard feather dash and a wood duck bust on the back side

Another example of taking the clients design ideas and images and using them to create this pintail ducks in a corn field with a sweetheart tree. On a 2 line duck band with a fishhook infinity dash.

A committed pair of locked up mallards in a forest lake on a 2 line duck band